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Top 10 Reasons You Should Join a Young Professionals Organization

1. Recognition

Let’s face it, sometimes we all appreciate a little recognition. Ad 2 Dallas gives you and your work opportunities to shine all year long. Our flagship event, Dallas’s 32 Under 32, presents one of the finest opportunities in the city to recognize and be recognized as young professionals.

2. Volunteering/Giving Back

Advertising, marketing, and communications are skilled industries, and each of us bring years of experience and multitudes of perspectives to our day jobs. Ad 2 gives you a chance to use your skills and give back right here in the city we all call home. Every year ours and every chapter take on supporting a local non-profit organization with professional advertising support at NO charge. That, on top of opportunities to join the Ad 2 Dallas Board of Directors, means there are plenty of ways you can give back using skills you already have.

3. Mentorship

Mentorship in an organization of people all around the same age? You bet. Ad 2 Dallas is the partner organization to AAF Dallas, meaning we often cross paths with the management level and above leadership of some of the most-well known agencies, firms, and businesses in the area. You’ll have the chance to connect with experienced professionals and develop mentor relationships if you desire. Plus, if the people in the positions we all aspire to get to are part of a peer professional organization, shouldn’t you be too? 😉

4. Networking

Not to be snarky, but read number three one more time. But don’t forget, it’s not all captains of industry. We have members from young professionals fresh out of college to mid level pros looking to take the next step. Ad 2 Dallas and our partners at AAF Dallas give you plenty of chances to network both formally, and casually (happy hours!) as a member.

5. Workshops to Build Up Your Skills

Over the course of a term year, you can count on a series of events, workshops, networking opportunities, and talks where you can learn and upskill. Ad 2 Dallas prides itself on being an organization of professional and social growth. You’ll have the chance to meet people of every skill set imaginable in our industry and learn from some of the best around.

6. Access to Exclusive Career Opportunities

Membership has its perks. Through our local and national network, and our recognition as a partner and feeder organization to AAF, you’ll have access to plenty of exclusive opportunities. Both locally and nationally, there is an opportunity to network, build skills, and give back. But, of course, access is limited to our members.

7. Leadership Opportunities

As we briefly mentioned in reason number two, Ad 2 Dallas has a board of volunteer leaders, and there are still open board positions if you’re eager! Plus, there is opportunity to lead on both a regional and national level, all within the Ad 2 organization.

8. Portfolio Building

As a creative or professional in general, keeping your latest work front and center can be challenging. Joining Ad 2 Dallas can give you the chance to apply your skills to our organization’s day-to-day work, much of which is portfolio ready upon completion.

9. Access to Exclusive Events

32 Under 32, happy hours, conferences, presentations, and skill competitions are just the beginning. When you become a member, your social and professional calendar can fill up as quickly as you want. Of course, there’s no pressure to participate beyond what you’re able or want to do.

10. Beef Up Your Resume

Listing Ad 2 Dallas on your resume, either as a member or leader on the board, carries some real weight. It shows you are serious about your work and skills, you want to stay on top of industry happenings, you desire to use your skills to give back, and are down for a good time. The benefits for members are real and lasting— even once you age out of Ad 2, AAF will be right there waiting.

So, Did We Convince You?

Are you looking to join an active young professional group? We here at Ad 2 Dallas are an organization of driven advertisers, marketers, and communications professionals. We’re making our mark on the Dallas community through pro bono initiatives, networking events, and endless career opportunities. Join us today!

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