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Ad 2 Dallas teamed up with AAF Dallas to kick off the new term in one of the best ways we know how—conversation and networking over happy hour drinks!

On September 28, Ad 2 Dallas and AAF Dallas cohosted a professional mixer at the trendy Dahlia Bar and Bistro east of downtown.

Dahlia’s craft cocktails and hearty pours satisfied the evening’s participants for a few hours into the night. With this joint event, attendees ranged from straight out of school to seasoned veterans. All gathered to mix it up—professionally, of course.

September’s happy hour also saw a batch of special guests. Our current class of 32 Under 32 winners were invited and recognized as they were publicly announced shortly before. The 32 Under 32 winners joining for the night brought an energy of excitement and anticipation as we wait for the 32 Under 32 Awards Gala next month. Keep an eye out for further updates on that.

This was just our first professional mixer of the term. There will be more. If you’re looking to grow your career, meet like-minded professionals, network, or just want to have a good time with some good people, look no further than Ad 2 Dallas. This was our first professional mixer of the term, with more planned for the year. But, of course, the good times didn’t stop at Dahlia, but you’ll have to come to the next Ad 2 happy hour to experience the festivities after for yourself.

Want to join? Let’s make it official. You can become a member here: If you’re looking for an opportunity to support Ad 2 Dallas closely, apply to serve in one of our open board seats. All available positions can be found here:

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