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Ad 2 Dallas & ilooklikeLOVE: Providing Holiday Relief For Dallas Single Mothers

With the holidays quickly approaching, Ad 2 Dallas and AAF Dallas gathered for one last happy hour in honor of a very special guest. After several months of vetting applications and conducting interviews, we are proud to announce that Dallas nonprofit ilooklikeLOVE has been chosen as the winner of our 2022-2023 pro-bono Public Service campaign.

ilooklikeLOVE served as our guest of honor on November 30th, where we returned to the cozy and trendy Dahlia Bar & Bistro on Ross Avenue. The event was not only a celebration of the upcoming holidays, and welcome to ilooklikeLOVE, but also a diaper and toy donation drive benefiting single mothers in Dallas and ilooklikeLOVE. Ad 2 Dallas and AAF Dallas members donated dozens of boxes of diapers and toys to support the organization’s holiday efforts.

Founded in 2015 by Phillipa Williams, ilooklikeLOVE began as a blog focused on developing the life and leadership skills of women. As the end of 2015 approached, Williams transitioned the organization to direct outreach focused on what she believes is the most powerful vehicle for empowerment and change—motherhood. Achieving 501(c)(3) status in December 2015, ilooklikeLOVE was incorporated and began 2016 with its evolved mission.

From 2016 forward, ilooklikeLOVE has served as the first mobile diaper pantry in North Texas, distributing diapers and other essentials through community-level distributions, emergency assistance, community-wide partnerships, and disaster recovery efforts. Since its founding, over 675,000 diapers have been provided to families in need, with over 98% represented by minority households in the DFW and North Texas region.

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the strength and necessity of ilooklikeLOVE with their forming of a Pantry Partnership for Disaster Recovery to obtain greater reach across the metroplex. Partnering with food pantries, domestic violence shelters, and Dallas WIC, over 85,000 diapers were distributed and 2,400 babies were served. In 2021 alone, ilooklikeLOVE distributed 265,670 diapers to 4,149 families. In addition, they were also able to serve 2,095 children through their disaster recovery initiative after Winter Storm Uri.

The impact of ilooklikeLOVE on the DFW community is evident. What might be surprising is how small the team leading ilooklikeLOVE is, considering the number served over the years. This is exactly why this nonprofit stuck out during the interview and selection process for Ad 2 Dallas. Using our skills and talents to serve the community is a core part of our organization. The challenge, opportunity, and mission presented by ilooklikeLOVE inspired the entire board. Ad 2 Dallas is excited to start 2023 with such an incredible partner and begin work on their campaign.

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