We’re so excited to relaunch the Social Spotlight! Our first participant is Stephanie Murdoch, a Senior Producer at The Marketing Arm.

Learn more about Stephanie and her journey to the advertising industry below.

Tell us about yourself.

I was born in New Orleans (Go Saints!) but moved to Houston with my family when I was seven. Following high school, I moved to Lubbock and attended Texas Tech. I majored in Public Relations and volunteered with the Student Programming Board, which I loved. After college, I traveled to London and Paris with a friend then moved to Abu Dhabi with her family for 3 months. I returned home to Houston and started my career in the industry, working at Temerlin McClain (TM), BBDO and now The Marketing Arm.

What drew you into the advertising industry?

Truthfully, I fell into it. I thought I would work at a PR firm and do special event planning or something similar since I loved doing that in college. I landed a job at McCann-Erickson answering the phones and quickly became friends with the Creative Coordinator and Producer. After a few years and different positions – traffic, talent, business management – I got promoted to Producer.

 What was your first job in the advertising industry?

My first job in the industry was as a receptionist at McCann Erickson, now known as McCann. Working at this agency was a great learning experience and I’m grateful for it each and every day.

 How would you describe your role at The Marketing Arm?

My role at The Marketing Arm is Senior Producer. I produce content for broadcast, online, social and award shows. I help the creative, strategy and media teams by finding production partners- animators, editors, graphic artists, directors, etc. – and production crews to produce great spots.

 What skills are most important when working as a Senior Producer?

To be a Senior Producer you need to have good listening skills, be detail-oriented, and be a team player. Additionally, you have to think outside of the box. At the creative brief meeting, you must carefully listen to the project details and deliverables. After the meeting, it’s great to process all the information and jot a list of questions down. After finalizing all the project details, it’s important to collaborate with the creative, strategy and media teams. When collaborating, be sure to offer any ideas or solutions that could make the project better. All these skills are necessary but it’s also important to be patient and have fun! It’s not brain surgery.