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You’re interacting with brands on a daily basis. Businesses both big and small are vying for your attention by any means necessary as they attempt to humanize their products and services. Whether you already work in advertising, marketing, and communications, or are aspiring to make your big break, you already understand the power of branding. However, what are you doing on a personal level to build up your own brand online? How are you making yourself stand out from the crowd?

Ad 2 Dallas is all about helping young advertising professionals grow their skill sets and expand their networks. While happy hours, workshops, and networking events are great for meeting people face-to-face, you’ll want to make a digital impression as well.

Here are some helpful tips to effectively build your own personal brand online.

Stay active and up-to-date on professional networking sites.

You’re probably somewhat active on at least a few different social media networks of choice. Whether you actively post and snap, or just browse the stories and content, you’re checking in multiple times a week. Don’t forget to check on professional sites or apps and keep your profiles up to date. If you get a new job, start volunteering, or just earn a new certification, you should showcase your advancements. Let your connections know what you’re doing to better yourself professionally.

LinkedIn is the biggest player in professional social media, but there are several other options to choose from. Take advantage of multiple sites and get your name out there. Just make sure to keep your information updated and consistent. Also, don’t forget to watch out for connection requests. You don’t want to appear obviously inactive by keeping your potential connections waiting. Having an up to date profile and responding to connection requests are basic steps you can take actively manage your professional presence.

Establish yourself as a thought leader.

Sharing interesting and relevant articles online is a great way to show you’re active in the industry and paying attention to trends. However, endorsing content written by others ultimately increases visibility for their message, and you’re just passing it along. Think about what topics interest you the most and consider how your opinions may offer new perspectives to your online network.

Just like more casual social media, professional networks like LinkedIn offer you a chance to publish content for your connections. You should start stirring up conversations about the industry and workplace. Do your research so you can’t be discredited, and put your own spin on the subject matter.

Write in a voice that’s consistent with your goals and personality.

Other than being casual with our friends on social media, we rarely write in the same manner in which we speak. There will be some overlap on a person-by-person basis, but for the most part we tend to compartmentalize these different communication styles. This is where it wouldn’t hurt to break down some barriers and put your own personality into your writing.

Think about where you are and where you want to end up. What areas of the industry grab your attention? Who will be most influential in helping you along the way? How do you effectively communicate with these people in a professional manner while also having your own personal touch? It’s important to balance not sounding too robotic or generic, while also not coming across overly relaxed or unprofessional.

If you haven’t thought about what your personal brand represents, take some time to evaluate how your goals and aspirations can translate to your online presence. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there by posting content in a voice that’s genuine and real.

Source: PersonalBrandingOnline


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